• Paolo


  • Leland Ahkit

    Leland Ahkit

    I do marketing and sell real estate, and I always seem to have a never-ending backlog of books to read.

  • Giordano Scalzo

    Giordano Scalzo

    Developer, Writer, born in 🇮🇹, living in 🇬🇧. Swift, but not only. Putting magic in the apps. Github: https://github.com/gscalzo

  • Rhonda Brighton-Hall

    Rhonda Brighton-Hall

    CEO/Founder of mwah. Making Work Absolutley Human • Determined Optimist • FlexCareers Chair • AHRI Board • Mum of 3 & Wife of 1 • Ocean lover

  • Gabriel Peixe

    Gabriel Peixe

    Creative Data Strategist — Finance Tech — Hardcore Ninja http://squadone.com.br

  • lloyd


  • Dave Perrett

    Dave Perrett

    Building beautiful web applications.

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